1.17 Servers and the new site!

1.17 Servers and The New Site!

Minecraft’s 1.17 update is now live! This update adds several new blocks and a few new mobs. I’m personally excited to have an army of axolotl to… I don’t know… do stuff? Swim and stuff…. Watch out for those goats! They will punt you off a mountain! Check out the new copper blocks! Their color can change over time (can be prevented).

Now time for our servers updates! We have now rolled out compatibility to Minecraft 1.17. This means you can use your 1.17 client to connect to our servers. At this time no server is currently on 1.17, so you won’t be able to access the new content yet. But fear not! We are currently in the process of preparing our full 1.17 update! Here are all the details for our updates!

New Servers
We are bringing in three new servers for 1.17!

Towny Caves (LIVE NOW!)
Built on 1.17. A mostly vanilla towny server with flight enabled in your town by default. Unlike our past towny servers, this server will not have custom enchants. It will come with our regular setup of things like Jobs, mcMMO, ArtMap, Auction House, Player Markets, Mob Arena, and so much more!

SMP Caves (Survival Multiplayer)
Built on 1.17. Much like Towny Caves, this server will be mostly vanilla with the same regular setup as mentioned above. The main difference with this server is it will have golden shovel claiming instead of town claims.

SMP Earth (Survival Multiplayer)
Built on 1.17. This server will have a map of Earth instead of the regular minecraft map generation. It will come with the golden shovel claiming as well as our regular setup.

Current Servers
Changes coming to our current 1.16.5 and 1.12.2 servers!

Towny Slimefun
This server is staying on 1.16.5 at this time. We are currently working on the next set of servers, with slimefun being at the end.

Skyblock Slimefun
This server will be reset and updated to 1.17. It may be the very last server to get some attention. Unlike Towny Slimefun, this server has had issues since the day it was launched with its core systems. These systems have since been fixed, but require the data to fully reset for us to apply the fixes. I’ve gotten some feedback from players saying they want a skyblock 1.17 server without slimefun, but haven’t really heard it often enough to encourage making it happen. If you feel that way about skyblock, please voice that in the suggestions section in discord.

This server is now updated to 1.17. Enjoy!

Towny 2020, Skyblock Classic, Among Us (minigame)
These servers have now been retired. Please be sure to convert your paid ranks into global ranks. We will be removing the conversion from the store soon.

Be sure to join discord and link your account to see more announcements and enter giveaways! Right now all patch notes are in discord, so if you want to get those smaller details then be sure to hop in.

The New Website

Check it outttttt. Fancyyyyy. Looking for more site content? Suggest it in discord! A special thank you to BigJava, who created the site for us. He knocked it out of the park! Currently all giveaways, patch notes, discussions, suggestions, and ban appeals are still in discord.