1.18 Update

Minecraft 1.18 is here! We’ve planned the following server changes in anticipation of 1.19.

Server Removals

The following servers have been removed due to player count.
(Less than 5 unique players over 20 days)

SMP Caves
Towny SlimeCaves
Towny Caves

Existing Server Plans

The following servers will be staying in place.
They will not be updated to 1.18, but you can use a 1.18 client to play on them.
We will we updating and maintaining these servers actively.

SMP Earth
Skyblock Slimefun

New Servers

The following servers are designed on 1.18 with the intention of upgrading them to 1.19.
We plan on expanding the maps when we update to 1.19.

Towny Vanilla

Store your enchanting books in the closest bookshelf while you deep dive into our 60 custom enchants. Excavation, flight boots, rejuvenation, and even some entertaining new ones. Custom built by us (finally!).
Survive in the Mob Arena for awesome rewards. Earn interest by storing money and exp in the bank. Place some pretty furniture, custom heads, or art that you created in your home.
Show off your builds on the world map!
Rank up, grind up, level up!

Towny Vanilla will be live 12/10 at 2pm CST!

Towny Slimefun

Our awesome Slimefun setup (as seen on SMP Earth) with our fantastic Towny features. Built with 1.19 in mind, this server is set to be our long-term Slimefun server.

Towny Slimefun launch date TBD. Pending Slimefun updates.

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