November Updates and Planned Content

New Content!

Shop Revamp

We’ve rebuilt our admin shop from the ground up. All sell prices have been buffed. The overall inventory for vanilla items has been cleaned up. Added back is our classic spawner shop, vehicle shop, and boosts shop. All boosts have been reworked and improved. The boost shop now stacks with the purchase goal on the website and our normal weekend bonuses. New special items shop has been added and it includes special premium items.

Slimefun buffs and additions

  • Added Slimefun to SMP Earth. (Towny SlimeCaves, Skyblock Slimefun, and now SMP Earth!)
  • Lowered cost of infinity singularities.
  • Sped up mob simulation outputs.
  • Sped up quarry outputs.
  • Added netherite to quaries.
  • Increased cargo network size.
  • Increased cargo speeds.
  • Removed “Soul Jars” due to unfixable conflicts.
  • Removed netherite plant and essence.
  • Revamped lucky blocks loot table.
    *Wither skeleton skulls, nether stars, and the dragon egg, are all in the loot table.

The end of the year is almost here!
Here are the end of the year goals.

Custom Enchants

We are working on our own set of custom enchants for our vanilla servers (Towny Caves, SMP Caves, and all other future vanilla servers). There are currently 20 enchants complete. Our current goal is 50 enchants, that number may change as we get closer to it. We’ve included some of our most popular past enchants like excavation, soulbound, telepathy, rejuvenation, and reforged.


Quests will go live on every server except creative (and the lobby). The system will be repeatable quests in the form of completion scrolls.

Other plans

  • Renew and correct /help (/about).
  • Rework and bring back brewbooks.
  • Seasonal/holiday maps.

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