Server Closing

Goodbye TownyAge

TownyAge is now closed.

It has been a great 6 years with this server. I’ve met so many amazing people over these years from this server. The server officially launched January 15th, 2016 and it was a very rocky start. Our team staff left in the process of creation. On launch day, it was just me and my friend Brad. We weren’t ready at all for what was going to come next.

Our little server spiked up in popularity right away. By its 3rd month we hit peaks of 150+ people online at once. One single server, no network. Just the two of us, trying to keep up with the instant work load that came in. It instantly became a full time job. Every week breaking 80+ hours of work into it. This community made it worth it. We loved seeing how all of you would try new content.

We hit a lot of bumps. In our first year, 3-4 server resets. It was a learning process and the community was so supportive during it. I remember when we had a disgruntled staff member delete the server. We lost everything, but this community didn’t give up on us. We spent 4-5 days nonstop working on relaunching the server. The community was there to cheer us on. One person even ordered us pizza.

We had some amazing staff members over the years. If it weren’t for them, our network would have never made it to 6 years.

A special thank you to _Rems_ and kennan_. Two people who both served as staff for 2+ years. Both of them put so many hours into the network. There was a time where it was just me and Kennan, and he covered so much ground for me. He was one of the first staff members to step in and help with the backend of the network. _Rems_ has been able to balance helping out the server while raising two children. Rems has contributed in content updates and bug hunting. I’ve seen her spend days on our dev server focused on the bugs. She’s tested out every content update in the last year or so. Every Slimefun addon, she tested in detail. In the custom enchants, it was her who tested for weeks on end.

A special thank you to BigJava and BeardedBen. No one expected Java would become staff, let alone admin. When he first joined, people thought he was just a troll. Now, people think of him as an awesome admin. Java takes himself seriously in his work and has contributed to some of your most favorite content updates. Ben is that silent admin that you never see or hear from, but don’t be fooled. He was very involved and is responsible for many of the larger projects on our network. Ben built his own custom food and crop system from the ground up. He reworked MyPets and brewery. He built many large builds for us. He basically did every project I didn’t feel like doing. He never said no to a project and always gave it his all.

Thank you to all of our former staff members. Orbit was our youngest hired on staff member. He was always on point and got hacked to protect the server. Y11, put in countless hours to help keep the server up when we were struggling. Jack, an awesome helper and builder. Jack built us an entire city as well as several key builds! Arcana built an entire winter adventure map for our winter holiday. Maestro built an amazing in-game towny tutorial and worked on a large amount of loot tables for us.

Honorable Mentions, People who kept the lights on

(Top online, top spenders, top hours played, top votes, top interactions)

LilTroll2, zOrbitron, BudNotBuddy, CamChromatic, Xaochi, Greinpanter, PrimeGuardian, HunterN17, Master_Kmak, BENZUnleased, LuciferBerry, Szrp, rainfop, lb00403, SpaceAlienMagic, Killsquidily, Rems, BigJava, BeardedBen, Spiicy1, TeddyBearVibes, Elrol_Arrowsend, Gravelbones, Solomas, LilBunsie, MaestroReckoner, Feedme2more, thebeatles13, kookieezz, fitz_daddy, Vader_Sama, DrunkChance, PrimeGuardian, Hot_Wheelsss, Jacky20, Kranky, KnowledgeIzPower, Arcana, kennan_, y1139, UltraPuPower1, HeyaHilyae, Jack-Vissum, Nataliee, Doombob_was, AlpacaMall, DelysidSquid, Pokegirlsky, Wouldchuckwood, scars, Range_Quit, nanabana1161, Captian_Morgin, ParadoxPixel, Nit3, SabrinaStar, Mayrie, SnowWarden, Azureaper, D_T_D, born2die23, Pierocket13, JustinoBambino, SeaofScrolls, MotherofUnicorns, baconhunter2000, Jakzba, JustyTM, Silvernia, TheMegaDevil, TheDaliAlpaca

kopen, kmoney, kexp, kinfo may now rest in peace.

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