Minecraft Java 1.12 to 1.17

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All servers listed here currently support Minecraft 1.17. Only classic servers support lower game versions.

Towny Servers

(All Towny servers have a plot border of 24×24)

Towny Caves (Live Now!)

(Click here to view the map of Towny Caves)

Join or create a town to survive in a mostly vanilla world. Enjoy an enhanced vanilla experience with the added entertainment of a player based economy. Enjoy unlimited flight within your town borders. This server was created with the idea of how things used to be when our network was new. We’re bringing back some legacy features that were strongly missed and very strongly requested by the community! This server is currently being built on 1.17 and has not been launched yet.

Towny Slimefun

Enjoy elements of modded minecraft without installing a single modpack. Things like unique crops, crafting, electricity, magic, and so much more! Fused with or own blend of gameplay, like our classic selections of mcMMO, Jobs, and Towny! Towny Slimefun was launched in January 2021 and was our first Slimefun server. This server was built on 1.16.5 and supports 1.16.5 to 1.17.

SMP Servers

SMP Caves (Coming Soon!)

An enhanced vanilla experience designed and built for 1.17. But much like Towny Caves but with the classic golden shovel land claiming. This server is currently being built on 1.17 and has not been launched yet.

SMP Earth (Coming Soon!)

Want to be your own Florida man or take over all of Ireland? Well now you can! Enjoy the classic golden shovel land claim with a map of our planet! The world is flat now, its fine everything’s fine. This server is currently being built on 1.17 and has not been launched yet.

Skyblock Servers

Skyblock Slimefun

Enjoy all of the elements of Slimefun in a challenging setting. Starting off on an island with limited resources, expand out and automate! This server was launched April 2021 and will be getting a reset for our 1.17 update. This is the only reset planned. We do not normally reset servers.

Other Servers


(Click here to view the map of Creative)

Build build build! Enjoy our 150×150 plot size on your own creative plot! Enjoy custom heads and paint some art with artmap! This server runs on 1.17 and only supports Minecraft 1.17.