Towny Vanilla Launch

Towny Vanilla

Now Live on 1.18.1!

Fully built on 1.18 with the new beautiful land generation! Check out the live server map HERE!

Custom Enchants!
We’ve taken the ideas of our favorite enchants over the last 6 years and we’ve built them into
our own custom enchant system! Enjoy 60 of our most popular enchants! Obtainable by
enchanting the vanilla way! Put your gear in the enchanting table and go crazy!
Check out the list of enchants HERE!

A few things to note with the custom enchants:
– Currently, you cannot get custom enchants on books when enchanting.
– Soulbound is currently not working correctly for pvp deaths. Please use at your own risk.
– Excavation currently does not obtain mcmmo exp.
We hope to have fixes out for these soon.

Server Notes
The server launch went really well! We have a few bugs here and there but nothing major.
We are still waiting for a few systems to update to 1.18, but the list is much smaller than our several launches.

The following systems are currently pending updates for 1.18:
– Player Warps
– Moving Vehicles
– Disguise (/dis)
– Cosmetics (/cosmetics)

Current Known Issues:
– Chat titles (/tags) are having some problems saving their settings.
You may need to reapply your chat title on log-in.
– Chat titles (/tags) with HEX colors are not showing up correctly
in the scoreboard or in the tag selector GUI.
– Teleporting, for a moment, ports you under the ground
before it moves you to your correct location.

Anything not recorded here is not known!
If you find any bugs please throw in a
bug report in the server discord!

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